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T-Grid Suspension system

Time:2018-07-25 Clicks:195

T-Grid framework is the most popular ceiling system for a wide range of applications.

T-Grid ceiling is a popular type of false ceiling system which is quick and easy to install and maintain.

Grid ceiling has fast become a standard system to be used in a variety of installations.

Unisteel T-Grid exposed ceiling is compatible with all the popular 2×2 ceiling tiles available in the market. The standard size for ceiling tiles is 595mm x 595 mm.

T-Grid ceiling systems have the following characteristics and properties:

Hot Dipped galvanised steel which prevents rusting and long lasting system performance

Rotary stitched for extra strength which technically locks the grid system for additional strength and safety.

Locking system for accurate installation and quick and easy mounting and de-mounting

Ceilings tiles of various thickness and edges like square, butt, tegular, reveal, micro look edges are compatible with different frameworks.

Ceiling suspension systems are available in a range of options mentioned below.