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Time:2018-07-25 Clicks:168

Acoustic panels are made from 100% polyester fiber material, it is a new type of sound absorbing material with variety of advantages,  it is sound absorption, flame retardant, innocuous, no-irritating, no smell. It is a new indoor decoration material which has the feature of sound absorption, heat insulation and decoration.

polyester fiber board's sound absorption coefficient increases with the sound frequency

It's sound absorption coefficient can reach 0.8-1.1, is a sound deadening material of high performance.

With features of sound-absorbing, thermal-insulating, elastic, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, hard to tear

polyester fiber board also has excellent decorative effect,there are more than 48 colors for choice

You can also cut the acoustic board into any shape in your favor, this kind of product has been widely used in Public places like theaters, dance halls, auditorium, multipurpose hall, gymnasium and more, have high requirements on fire protection.